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GGR AX#01 Prelim Results

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GGR AX#01 Prelim Results

Post by WhuGmiT » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:14 am

Greetings Autocrossers -

Thanks everyone for being part of the first GGR AX of the 2016 season!

The weather certainly dealt us a joker card with constantly changing track conditions.
It is an "El Nino" year after all.

There are always some hiccups during the first event of the year and this was no exception. Timing issues kept us from getting that 9th run in, but even with that, 8 runs for 100 drivers isn't bad!

I do, however, want to explain what was causing some of the timing issues in hopes that increased awareness will result in decreased issues!
There were several problems:

On multiple occasions drivers would spin out on the later half of the course then exit the course without crossing the finish line. This causes a situation where start triggers and finish triggers are not associated with the same cars. In other words, this causes invalid times for the following cars. Please drivers, after a spin out, finish the course normally!

The person doing the start flag job must be aware of faster cars, slower cars, and space them accordingly. We some cars running the course in 38 seconds while others were finishing in 60. If a car crosses the finish line within 5 or 6 seconds of the previous car, the finish trigger is ignored by the timing system (it is a type of false trigger reduction). This then causes the same situation as 1) where start and finish triggers are not associated with the correct cars and invalid times result. The solution is for the "start flagger" to space the cars such that there is at least 15 seconds between cars when they reach the finish line.

Trailer positioning.
In order to help prevent timing issues and detect problems more quickly, the people working in the timing trailer need to easily see the start and finish lines so they can visually verify starts, finishes and the cars associated with them. Yesterday's trailer positioning prevented the timing crew from seeing the start line along with the first third of the course. Positioning the trailer so the timing crew can see both the start and finish lines almost always results in smoother running events with less timing issues.

Course workers running through the start/finish timing lights.
When going out or returning from course worker positions and when repositioning cones, please be very aware of where the start/finish lines are and avoid crossing them!
----------- -

All in all, it was a good day.
We had a lot of new autocrossers out there eager to start exploring the limits of themselves and their Porsches. Great to see!
Thanks to everyone for participating in and making this a fun and save event.

After wiping down the car and drying off all the timing equipment yesterday after the event, I began going over the results.

Here are the preliminary results for your enjoyment. ... A-GGR.html

See you in April!

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