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Are drivers getting better?

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Ken Jones
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Are drivers getting better?

Post by Ken Jones » Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:26 pm

...been a bystander for quite a while now and still need some recoup time, but I got to play at the last event and started thinking about the drivers of today and the newer cars with tons of power.

I'm not trying to diminish the skill sets of the people who have been doing this for some time, for they are truly fun to watch with cars they've played with for many years. They know their cars like no other.

It's also nice to see the newer cars and drivers doing so well... granted, the courses have tended to open up and let them enjoy their HP, but I've noticed more than that. They've gotten more finesse. For some time we got the "1 and done" type of autocrosser who thrashed about - said "that was fun", but moved away. Too bad. I've been waiting for the newer (maybe less than 3-4 years) drivers to come into their own and I think they're here.

What I saw at the last AX (#8?), was really fun. This "new car" group knows how to toss the car around while being super aggressive. We've got a very nice core of excellent drivers to add to the old guard like me.

Well done.
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Re: Are drivers getting better?

Post by WhuGmiT » Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:07 am

Hey Ken -

Interesting observations.
I agree with you.

There are many newer drivers doing a nice job riding the "edge" in newer cars such as the GT4's.
It is also fun seeing some of our long time members adapting driving styles to the newer generation Porsches.

One other point I must make..... Ken, your observation of this new and dedicated wave of impressive drivers, I believe their ascent it partially due to the fact that you and others in our group of autocrossers are fantastic instructors and conduits for the thrill this sport gives us all.

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Grant M K
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Re: Are drivers getting better?

Post by Grant M K » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:00 pm

We have a good driver pool for sure! however I think cars and tires are getting better too. Can tell you difference between my 987.2 S Cayman and my wife's 981 Boxster S is mind blowing. She let me drive her 981 S at an AX a while back. The 981 S with showroom 20" Pirelli tires and stock alignment I beat times in my class by over a second and was top PAX. Her boxster was faster than my 987.2 Cayman S off slow turns due to PDK, grip was better without an LSD, turn in was better etc. Allowed me to drive more aggressively too as newer gen cars inspire a bit more confidence. New gen GT4's and GT3's are just incredible cars with both outstanding power, grip and braking.

These newer cars inspired me to go little more extreme with my Cayman build for sure. Turbo going in this winter! No way my stock NA 3.4 is going to chase down well driven GT3 in all circumstances. I think only saving grace for me with GT4s is that the tall 2nd gear slows them down a little in slow stuff. If GT4 had come with PDK or a lower sport ratio in manual it would likely be giving GT3's a run for their money in AX. I think next car to watch out for will be new 718 GTS with PDK. Im tempted to pick one up as I think it will be a faster AX car than even a GT4. Especially with a tune.

All new gen turbo cars should work better in ax but not many have shown up yet. And then new 991.2 GT3 makes 500 hp? New GT2 makes 700 hp. When does it stop? Used to be that 200 hp 914 could be TTOD pretty easy. Now they struggle to get around new Gen GT3's and faster Caymans (....well if I have it my way they will struggle :lol: ) .

But yes great driving for sure!

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Re: Are drivers getting better?

Post by Argote » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:40 pm

As a relative newcomer, I think one other thing that's been really helpful is the prevalence of advice and videos online that highlight the benefits of good technique more clearly.

The "fast is slow" mindset is hard to go with when in person when you only have 8 or so runs in a day and you want to make the most of each one.

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