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Sad News - Ed Clement has passed away

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:41 pm
by Andrew Blyholder
To those long timers in the club - I got a call from Ed Clement's brother, David, on Saturday. Apparently Ed passed away from a heart attack back in May. They were just getting to dealing with his belongings and found my contact info in stuff, and so gave us a call.

There will be a memorial service on October 20th, noon, at the Woodside Village Church, 3154 Woodside Rd, Woodside.

Of more immediate concern for the family, Ed left 4 storage lockers in Redwood City full of cars and parts. His brother mentioned seeing his yellow 914 race car and at least one other Porsche amongst the parts. They're hoping to dispose of the contents of these lockers over the next few days. They will be returning home on Monday. So if you're interested in any of Ed's collection, please call David at 520-205-1104 to make arrangements.

I don't have email address for many of the ol' timers in the club that would have known Ed. Please pass the word along.

Andrew Blyholder