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1975 Targa top seal and hard top?

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1975 Targa top seal and hard top?

Post by mattrf » Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:47 am

I remember reading in one of the Panorama magazines about a guy that if you want the exact right seal to contact, does anyone know who this is before I go digging through a big stack of magazines to try and find the article?
Also I came across this ad on Craigslist about a fiberglass hard top for Targa’s, ( the guy wants $500 for the tops and says he has a patent on it. Has anyone ever gotten one of these and is it worth the money? I am thinking about it because I think it would make the car a lot quieter on the freeway and a bit more enjoyable on long trips with the top on. I asked the guy if he could give me a contact to talk to and possibly go see one of these on a car in my area and he could not come up with anyone so I am a bit hesitant about this, I am not going to buy one before I see one, he did say 100% guarantee and if I did not like it just pay to ship it back. I am still bouncing emails with the guy trying to get more info out of him but it is looking a little sketchy so far and I do not want to lose $500 and feel like a chump. :lol:


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