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History of my car?

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History of my car?

Post by bxdtech » Sun Nov 28, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to find some history on my came with nothing but the title and the keys.


I purchased my polo red 1969 911T from a PCA member last spring and have been slowly making it "mine". Like many longnose p-cars, it's had a long life, with many people adding their own touches for various reasons. Some of those changes were good, some otherwise. My goal is to fix all the stuff that has been neglected over the years, returning as much as possible back to stock...and somewhere during that process update or upgrade some of the things that make these cars handle better and make them safer. So-far, so-good on those fronts, but in addition to the mechanical health of the car, I'm also trying get more information on the car's history...and that is proving difficult. -Long story short, since the car has been owned by at least 2 local PCA members, I'm checking here in the hope that perhaps someone will be able to give me some further details.


Here is what I know so far:

model: 911T
VIN#: 119123108
year: 1969
original color: Polo Red
(approx) mileage: 148,000
previous owner: Bill Dally of Palo Alto, CA - PCA Member
owner before him: Nils Kjell of Lafeyette, CA - PCA Member

The guy I bought it from (Bill) told me that he bought it from a local PCA member named Nils Kjell. Would anyone here know how I could get in touch with Nils? Or if one of you know him, could you maybe please ask him to contact me? He can PM me through this message board if he wants, or he can send me an email via my website:

Thanks very much,


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Re: History of my car?

Post by PAUL LARSON » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:32 pm

You could get information on your vin number
from below.


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