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Online Registration FAQ

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Online Registration FAQ

Post by Andrew Forrest » Wed Jan 17, 2007 11:57 pm

Online Registration FAQ

Edited Q1 3/31/2010

This collection of questions and answers covers GGR's adoption of online registration for Driver's Education/Time Trials in 2007.

If after reading this post your issue remains unaddressed, please contact the Registrar or the Time Trial Chairman

Q1. How do I register?

A1. Registration is a three-step process the first time you do it and subsequently becomes a two-step process:

Step 1. Create a MotorsportReg.COM account (first time you use MotorsportReg.COM only)

Creating an account involves using MSR's web site to record contact information like your address, your car information and driving experience. If you're in a rush you can skip some of that and edit it later.

Step 2. Sign up for event

Signing up for an event involves finding the event on MSR's website, clicking on the "register" button and answering some questions -- just like on the paper application. Unlike the paper application, you won't have to repeat certain information for each event.

MSR has a wonderful search page for finding events . One feature is to show only events offered by clubs that you are associated with. To associate your account with a club, click on the link that says "Events for my clubs" and pick PCA GGR out of the list. Once you return to the search page you'll be able to see only the events offered by clubs your account is associated with.

Once you've answered the event registration questions you get a summary page showing the amount due and an email for your records.

Step 3. Pay for the event promptly!

You may pay online for the event with a credit card (much preferred) or send a check payable to "PCA-GGR" to our registrar:
Paulette Johnson
19373 San Miguel Av
Castro Valley, CA. 94546

Why should you pay promptly? Early bird discounts, avoidance of late registration fees, priority for acceptance into the event or eligibility for volunteer worker positions may depend on it!

Why might you not be able to pay immediately even though you want to? If there is a small chance that we might not be able to accept applicants (for example, students), then we might disable the ability for waitlisted applicants to pay so as to avoid the need to issue refunds or risk your 5% processing fee.

Q2. Ack! I'm waitlisted! Should I reserve a tee-off time instead?

A3. Please don't panic. As we learn how to best use the tools provided by our online registration service provider, MotorsportReg.COM, we are experimenting with the features it provides. One such aspect is a status for our members (e.g. New/Approved) and for our registrants (more below). These choices are fixed and some happen to use the words "wait list" in them but we have chosen to interpret them in a slightly different way. Here are the interpretations we attach to the various statuses that a registrant could exhibit:
  • New – new registrant not processed by registrar.
  • On-hold – has not met GGR event requirement(s); requires follow-up by registrant.
  • Waitlisted New – generally means that we have reached the threshold for students and are awaiting clarity on instructor capacity.
  • Confirmed – fees paid and all requirements met
Whether you get into the event (e.g. if you are awaiting an instructor assignment) is an independent consideration. We apologize for any confusion and angst this choice makes but we feel the ability to track your application as it winds its way through our processes outweighs the difficulties.

Q3. How do I know how to answer the event questions?

A4. Here is a list of typical questions that are found in an online event application and what they mean.
  1. What is your TT class? (optional) Classify your car using our online car classification site or the information in our rulebook.
  2. Have you driven this track configuration before? We want to know this so we can decide if you need some introduction to this track configuration regardless of whether you are certified/ok to solo. By track configuration we mean not only the direction (some tracks run both ways) but also whether certain optional features are included or not (e.g. Star Mazda at Buttonwillow).
  3. If so, what was your lap time? (optional) If you know your lap time for the track configuration being run in the event, include it here.
  4. Would you like an instructor? This question is for non-students (i.e. you are a Certified/Ok to Solo driver) -- students get instruction whether they want to or not :-). If you would like instruction, answer "yes" here. We will try to accommodate instruction requests but may not be able to do so.
  5. Will your emergency contact be at the track? Answer "Yes" if the person you have designated as your emergency contact in your profile will be attending the event.
  6. Registration Fee - Student/Non-Student. The registration system isn't smart enough to know whether you are a student or not (but we are!) so we have to give you a choice. We consider you a student until you have completed two clean events with us. ("Clean" means no spins, offs or other serious issues.) Please select the student fee unless we've told you that you are "Certified" or "OK to solo".
  7. Second Driver/Shared Car Discount - For the second driver in car sharing (ONLY 1 driver of a shared car may claim this!). To indicate car sharing is going on, one of the two people must first register. The second party then indicates they are sharing and selects the first registrant from the list of attendees.
  8. Transponder Rental - select this if you'd like to run for time during the Time Trial portion of the event on Sunday afternoon
  9. GGR Dual Membership - select this once annually if your home PCA region is not GGR.
Please check this FAQ from time to time or click the "Watch this topic" link in the lower left to be advised of changes.
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