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2009 Porsche Racing Challenge Series Rules Available

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2009 Porsche Racing Challenge Series Rules Available

Post by Mahler9th » Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:41 am

Since some folks prepping for upcoming PCA Club Races may also intend to run races with the Porsche Racing Club, you might like to know that rules for the 2009 PRC Challenge Series are now available. The entire rules document can be downloaded on the PRC Classes web page, and will be available on the NASA web site at soon.

Please note:

Because the PRC is not a sanctioning body, rules for each event are those of the specific sanctioning body. For example, under NASA sanction, the prevailing rules are those for the NASA PRC Challenge Series. Rules for races under PCA sanction are those of PCA Club Racing, and can be found at

The PRC Challenge Series rules refer to both the 2009 PCA Club Racing Rules, and the 2009 NASA Club Codes and Regulations (CCRs). For the most part, the PRC Challenge Series rules are structured such that any car which meets current PCA Club Racing requirements will meet those of the PRC Series. To make sure you are fully prepared, please make sure that you also download and review all of the relevant documents.

NASA require an annual tech process, and these inspections are not done at the track, unlike PCA tech inspections. Plan accordingly.

PRC Challenge Series classes are similar to PCA Classess, but there are important differences. In general, PRC does not have as many classes as PCA Club Racing, and most PRC GT classes do not have weight restrictions. Although the SPEC Boxster and 944 classes are not currently in the PRC Series rules, these cars are most welcome at PRC events.

See the PRC Series rules document for all of the details.

- Mike Mitchell

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Re: 2009 Porsche Racing Challenge Series Rules Available

Post by Mike Cullinan » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:04 pm

Thanks Mike, appreciate your work on the rules and the updates,
mike cullinan

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