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981 wheel sizes for showroom class

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981 wheel sizes for showroom class

Post by superhighperf » Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:22 pm

i just purchased a 2014 cayman s that would run in the ss03 class and i am interested in doing that. the problem is that the car came with 20" wheels and i cant find a competitive tire (Re71R) in the stock size (235 F, 265 R). i found some wheels off of a 2010 cayman that i can get tires the correct size (235/45/18, 265/45/18) for but would that put me out of showroom class?

i have been going over the rules and it looks like i can change wheel sizes as long as they are "in the model range"
(a)Changes Within Model Range: Automobiles may be updated or backdated without effect on classification provided the specifications remain within the boundaries of the model range for the automobile.
the model range for my car is found on page 19 of parade rules
that should mean that i can run a 18" wheel from those years but would the 2010 wheels be ok?

the 2014 Cayman did come with 18" wheels (8" F, 9" R) and that's what these are. they are "OEM" wheels and the same size as offered in 2014 but off a 2010 car.

here is the option list i found for the 2014 981. 395 and 396 are 18" wheels ... ayman-981/

would these wheels put me out of the showroom class or should i keep looking? they are a good price and available locally ... 55956.html

thanks for the help

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