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Question about hub caps

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Grant K
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Question about hub caps

Post by Grant K » Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:13 pm

I have noticed pictures from a couple GGR events cars running hub caps. I know back in the "day" hub caps had to be removed prior driving an AX event to pass inspection in some regions. Only reason I know this is that I used to be my dad's highly professional pit crew at AX events in the 70's as a kid and my job was to pop the hub caps off his 914 and then reinstall at the end of the event. Of course those were the easy days before he went to race slicks and I had to change all four wheels.

Have we had so many generations of non hub cap cars that this is being missed by tech inspectors?

From my expereince a loose hub cap can be a fairly scary projectile if your working the course and one gets loose. LOL! Also with hub caps on its very difficult to see condition of old steel wheels that often develop stress cracks or lug issue that should be identified in tech inspection as well.

Isnt this still a rule?
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Dan Thompson
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Post by Dan Thompson » Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:38 pm

there are wheel covers, hub caps and center caps.

Wheel covers (what Porsche has those?), and hub caps should be removed.
Center caps are not an issue.

occassionally a 356 or 914 shows up with steel wheels or chrome wheels with hub caps. You are correct they should be removed by our current rules.

I believe that years ago when this was originally written there were a lot more Porsches sporting steel wheels with hub caps.
The intent would not only be about the hub cap becoming a projectile, but also the ability of the tech person to check for lug engagement.
Dan Thompson
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