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Question about starting a Boxster Spec class

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Bill Pickering
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Question about starting a Boxster Spec class

Post by Bill Pickering » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:47 am

I'm throwing this question out to the DEC or anyone else with an opinion. I'd like to organize and start a Boxster Spec class or classes within GGR.

As many of you know, Doris and I have built a Boxster Spec car based on the rules from POC's Boxster Spec Racing organization. I'm part of their network and have shared tire testing and suspension setup results with them. In Southern California, where POC Spec Boxster's are gaining momentum, they now have 6 to 10 cars showing up at events.

I have talked with several people in the NorCal area within PCA, PRC and other clubs and there is genuine interest in the cars. I believe in the next few years you will see several Boxster Spec cars being built.

I would like to see if we can classify Spec Boxsters for Time Trials and for AX. I would like to clone off the current POC spec rules as it will make the cars transferable to different sanctioning bodies. If we need to tweek them to be specific to GGR for any reasonable reason, I'm okay with that too. There are currently two flavors of "Spec". BSR is the full out track version (like my car) which is still smog legal and the BSX is the performance street version.

I am writing an article for the Nugget explaining Spec Boxster. I believe they are a great platform for DE/TT's and spec racing. I'd like to see us create a BSR class for TT's even if Doris and I are the only two running in it next year. Make it an exhibition class but keep track of lap times and post them in the results. Let people see what the car's are capable off.

I was at Laguna Seca this weekend visiting with the POC Spec Boxster folks at one of their club races. The 6 Spec Boxsters in attendance were running nose to tale. The Spec configuration car's ran 1:42's during qualifying and one car did a 1:41 during the race. The majority of cars ran 1:43's to 1:45's. This is with stock wheels, tire sizes, stock motor and drive train and no LSD's or chips. The suspension mods to the cars makes them very enjoyable. I believe they are a great value for a track car.

Any thoughts or questions? Who would I make the proposal for the new class to?


Bill Pickering

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Dan Thompson
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Post by Dan Thompson » Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:36 pm

Gee Bill,

I have no idea of who you would contact about that :? :lol: :wink:
Dan Thompson
GGR DE/TT/CR Racecontrol

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Post by kgorman » Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:20 pm

Any update on this? Will there be a specific TT class for Spec Boxster?

Zone7Rep(Larry Sharp)
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Post by Zone7Rep(Larry Sharp) » Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:14 pm

Bill there is a simple way to start the class.. Just have three competitors who wish to have the class started and its a done deal .. just submit the people and the rules to the Competition Director of GGR and you got your class.
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David Leong
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Post by David Leong » Tue Nov 20, 2007 5:35 pm

Rule 4.0(n)

Additionally, Special classes, to be designated S1, S2, etc., can be created by any three or more competitors who decide to run against each other. The competitors must petition the chairperson of the series (autocross or time trial) before the end of the first event of the season. Cars will comply with the safety regulations of the class they would normally fall from the designated classes. Year-end trophies shall be awarded only if at least three competitors participate in enough events to earn an award.
David Leong

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