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Control Arm vs. Rear Toe Link definitions...

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Ken Jones
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Control Arm vs. Rear Toe Link definitions...

Post by Ken Jones » Fri Jan 11, 2008 11:39 am

For clarity...

I installed the Tarett adjustable rear toe links to avoid losing options when lowering the Boxster. Are the toe links considered a "control arm" too? I didn't claim points for that, but instead chose the "spherical" bearing option as the Tarett has one on the inboard side of the toe link. Should I have taken both the control arm and spherical bearing hit?.... or is the control arm considered the "trailing" or banana arm often referred to on the older 911s?



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Dan Thompson
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Re: Control Arm vs. Rear Toe Link definitions...

Post by Dan Thompson » Fri Jan 11, 2008 12:14 pm

Ken, what you are talking about is not the trailing or control arm...

I would think the adjustable toe links would be covered under #73 for 20 points
since that is an aftermarket suspension piece...I would just claim that and not the spherical bearings since that should be included in the 20 point hit. :)

although after looking at #70 it almost seems like it should be chosen as well?

seems like it should be one or the other but not both to me.

I would take the 20 points and be done with it, unless Larry has a little inside info. on what they were thinking on that subject.
Dan Thompson
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