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Why are 3.2 Carrera's listed at 290 & 320 pts?

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Why are 3.2 Carrera's listed at 290 & 320 pts?

Post by 911st » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:56 pm

Why is there a differance in points between the early 915 transmission cars at 290 points and the late G50 cars at 320.

I know the later cars are listed at more HP. However, when hot the 915 cars may actually make more HP as they do not pull ignition as fast.

Also, the G50 cars are about 90 lbs heaver?

Anyway, both are only a chip away at 5 pts from being the same motor specs and power.

Is the transmission easyer to shift or maby the little bit stiffer suspention that comes with the heaver G50?

Also seems the lighter SC dose not seem like it fits at 50 to 80 points less than a Carrera. Seems that if carbs are only 15 pts that more than makes up for any power to weigh differance.

Just a thought.

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Re: Why are 3.2 Carrera's listed at 290 & 320 pts?

Post by johntavernetti » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:25 pm

Do you have some evidence to support the '87-'89 G50 Carrera having a higher official PCNA "curb weight" than the '84-'86 cars? Like a USA owner's manual? Currently our GGR database shows the same official curb weight of 2,662lbs for all the '84-'89 3.2s. If this is wrong, and you can send me supporting documentation, this can be fixed relatively easily.

Given equal weights, HP is primarly what is driving the base-points differences between the cars you cited... the later G50 cars were rated at 217 hp vs. 200 (or 207 in '85-'86). Also keep in mind that by the time you add points to these cars for wheels and tires they are going to be in the neighborhood of 400-500 points even with no other mods, so a 30 point difference won't be that huge (each class covers a 50-point spread).

Let me know about the weight data if you have it. Send it to: johntavernetti (at)


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