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Rules Proposals for 2015

Use this forum to discuss rule proposals, other than the points proposal, which has its's own forum

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Rules Proposals for 2015

Post by Andrew Forrest » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:22 pm

Please add your proposals for rule changes/additions for the 2015 competition season in GGR Autocross and Time Trial to this forum (or the nearby "Points Proposals" forum as appropriate).

Post proposals in their own threads with their subject prefixed by the word "Proposal" and include "AX" or "TT" (or even "both") in the subject line if it is not obvious to what series you intend the proposal to apply.

Please provide a concise statement of the proposal and a rationale. If it is a change to an existing rule, please consider stating the before and after states (e.g. change "abc" to "def" in rule #1) and referencing the specific rule you wish to change. Here is the most recent rulebook.

Our schedule is:
  • now until Aug 30 we ask you to propose specific rule changes
  • TBD: the DEC will hold a public meeting to review the rule changes proposed during the solicitation period above; and
  • TBD + a month (but before December): The DEC will finalize the amended rules, publish them and present them to the Board of Directors for approval.
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