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Proposal for DE rule change

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John Celona
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Proposal for DE rule change

Post by John Celona » Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:02 am

Delete Rules 2.3D b. and c., which read as follows:

b. Full shoes with predominantly non‐synthetic uppers are required of all drivers.
c. Drivers must wear long sleeve shirts and long pants; all clothing to be of natural fibers. The Time Trail Chairman may allow wearing shorts and T‐shirts in hot weather.

1. GGR formerly had a whole host of DE safety rules. The intent of the club in working with PCA to develop a set of minimum requirements for DE was to simplify these rules, to conform to a national standard, and to remove a huge barrier to drivers participating with GGR as opposed to other driving options. These rules appear to be holdovers from prior to the club adopting the PCA DE Minimum Requirements, and inconsistent with the club decision to adopt and conform to the PCA DE Minimum requirements. Nonetheless, "look before you leap."

2. A review of various sources (two are attached for reference) reveals that cotton clothing (which is what drivers actually wear to conform to the current rules) is not clearly superior to synthetic because (a) it has a lower ignition temperature of 485ºF versus 790ºF for polyester and 840ºF for nylon; and (b) synthetics burn slower than cotton and may self-extinguish while cotton continues to burn. Here is a quote from one of the references:

"Cotton threads, which continue to burn at relatively low temperatures, should be avoided at any time if there is a possibility of contact with fire. Standard polyester and nylon threads are combustible, but will burn slowly and may self-extinguish."

Accordingly, there does not appear to be a coherent safety rationale to the current rules. They should be deleted and drivers who wish protection from fire hazard should be advised to purchase a flame resistant driving suit.

The relevant PCA Minimum DE Standards which would still apply are as follows:
12. Clothing: All car occupants must wear a Snell approved helmet, which has the current available Snell rating or the one previous Snell rating. Other helmets are acceptable if they are approved for PCA Club Racing. Footwear must be enclosed, non-slip, with a relatively smooth sole. Hiking type deep lugged soles are not acceptable.
13. Eye Protection: If the car does not have a windshield, the driver must be equipped with eye protection.
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