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2008 Proposal from PV

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Dan Thompson
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2008 Proposal from PV

Post by Dan Thompson » Sun Jul 01, 2007 8:10 am

I am suggesting a rule change for 2008 and I also have a suggestion for consideration by the rules committee.

1. Rules change Proposal:

Modify Section 2.2 T to also accept valid and current NASA Competition License.

2.2T Time Trial (only)

All drivers in Time Trials, other than students and/or provisional Drivers, must hold a valid Golden Gate Region Time Trial Certificate, PCA Club Racing License, NASA COMPETITION LICENSE, Nationally Trained PCA Instructors, POC Competition License, IMSA Competition License, (not provisional) or SCCA Racing License. This certificate must be displayed when registering at a Time Trial. Requirements for obtaining a GGR Time Trial Certificate are: (Note: Suggested change in bold).
I recommend this change to allow those of us that race with PRC (which requires NASA Competition License), to also be able to participate in GGR DE/TT Events. Because of schedule conflicts, it is difficult to get in the minimum two time trials per year to maintain ones certificate.

2. Suggestion:

Define what is meant, in GGR context, novice driver. I note in Section 2.2D b. that novice drivers are required to attend on classroom lecture. So what is a novice driver - one that has never participated in a GGR track event? One that has not participated in a GGR DE for XXX years, or ???.
Suggest committee clarify what is meant by novice in this Section.
Dan Thompson
GGR DE/TT/CR Racecontrol

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