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2008 Proposal (AJF-0) Adopt Current DE/TT Rules as Baseline

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2008 Proposal (AJF-0) Adopt Current DE/TT Rules as Baseline

Post by Andrew Forrest » Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:21 am

(Procedural) Permanently adopt the rules in effect for track events this year (aka "2007b rules") as a baseline for all rules change proposals for 2008. The rules in effect for track events this year restrict the effect of Time Trial rules (as opposed to Driver's Education rules) to the portion of a track event in which timed runs occur. At all other times during a track event, Driver's Education rules are in effect. The reason this proposal is made is that the 2007b rules are temporary due to their being issued as a "Tech Bulletin" as a consequence of the late date in 2006 at which they were proposed. If the 2007b rules are not adopted permanently (or as a baseline to which other 2008 rules change proposals are applied) then the rules revert to the set published just prior to these being adopted ("2007a rules").

This proposal is a procedural necessity to avoid the 2007b rules from experiencing a "sunset". The 2007b rules themselves are a response to the changing nature of track events in general and our club membership's cars in particular. A few years ago we passed the mark where more than 50% of our members now have liquid cooled cars (not considering 944, 968 or 928 models even). These cars are of a vintage that invariably contain passive restraints like airbags, additional driver's aids (ABS as a minimum) and a higher luxury component than earlier cars. These cars are intrinsically safer in an impact than earlier cars at the same time that their owners are more likely to drive them on a daily basis and less likely to wish to modify them for the track. Requiring members to prepare their cars as required by the Time Trial rules from 2006 and prior is an impediment to new participants joining us where they would get the excellent instruction we can provide.
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