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All of the proposals for 2009 in one spot

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All of the proposals for 2009 in one spot

Post by Dan Thompson » Mon Nov 03, 2008 7:13 pm

For autocross, tire warming is prohibited. Any deliberate action that
gives a participant warmer tires at the start of a run than a
competitor is not allowed. Actions that are specifically prohibited
include: (a) having two drivers run the same car in the same run
group, (b) using an electrical, propane, or other heater to warm tires
between runs, and (c) using blankets or other insulating devices to
retain heat in tires between runs. It is understood that a
participant that receives a rerun may enter the course with warmer
tires. However there is no way to avoid this and it is not a
deliberate action. Two drivers who wish to run one car in the same
run group for social reasons may do so if they run in the "FUN" class
but may not if they are running for points.


It is our goal to provide a level playing field for all competitors.
Warm tires provide a significant advantage in grip - and hence time -
and thus should be disallowed in the interest of fairness.

I suggest we require cars that qualify for the Showroom Stock classes to run in those classes. Cars that are modified run in the points classes now. This should result in more competition in SS since some participants can choose to run in either SS or AX classes as the rules are currently.

I would like the table of stock rim widths changed to reflect the correct rear rim width for 1988 944 Turbo S and 1989 944 Turbo of 9 inches. You will recall I showed you the factory owners manual for proof.

I think the points for limited slip differential should be extended to include factory computer controlled rear wheel slip as this is a much more sophisticated way of accomplishing the same goal with better results. Currently, cars that have a limited slip whether stock for the model or not pay points (25 I think) for it but the better solution pays no points.

Replace the car classification system (for TT only?) with the previous model/degree of
modification based system (the "old system") subject to the following updates:
• apply to the old system, all rule changes relevant to classification that have been
made in the interim since the adoption of the points-based system.
• create new classes for any new car models that have been introduced since the
adoption of the points-based system (Cayman?)
• revise all other rules that make reference to a modification points threshold so that
they continue to work with the old classification system.
The purpose of this proposal is to get this change on the agenda of the current DEC so that
it will investigate and evaluate this proposal. Making the proposal is not necessarily an
endorsement of the proposal, rather it reflects a desire for an open discussion and
independent evaluation of the two competing classification systems. Some veteran time
trial participants have indicated that the points-based system is a deterrent to participation.
If we are to continue having a TT series, this possibility needs to be taken seriously and,
should it be deemed true and serious enough, a change may be contemplated. In order to
effect the change, a proposal has to be submitted so here it is. I expect a detailed proposal
to follow shortly from some of the club members

The Showroom Stock autocross classes are currently eligible for class points and a year-end trophy, but are not eligible for the PAX trophy. We could include them in PAX by assigning them the PAX index of the AX class they would have been assigned to had they classified their car by the points system
Showroom Stock ClassBasepointsPoints ClassMen's PAXWomen's PAX
S.1: All 968400 to 525 AX 110.9380.9
S.2: 911 C2 (964: 1990-1994), C4 (964: 1989-1994) RS America (1993-1994)425 to 450AX130.9170.881
S.3: Boxster (986: 1997-2004)375 to 425AX130.9170.881
S.4: Boxster S (986: 2000-2004)450AX130.9170.881
S.5: Boxster (987: 2005-on), Cayman (2006-on)450AX130.9170.881
S.6: Boxster S (987: 2005-on), Cayman S (2006-on)525AX 110.9380.9
S.7: 911 Carrera (993: 1995-1998). All except Turbo450 to 475AX120.9280.92
S.8: 911 Carrera (996: 1999-2005). All except Turbo, GT2, GT3475 to 525AX 110.9380.9
S.9: 911 Carrera (997: 2005-on). All except Turbo, GT2, GT3500 to 550AX 110.9380.9
S.10: 911 Turbo (965/993/996/997: 1991-on). All except GT2475 to 600AX100.9460.908
S.11: All Cayenne250 to 500AX120.9280.92
S.12: GT2, GT3, Carrera GT, all725 to 1,000AX40.9930.953
* Equivalent = equivalent points class for upper end of points range

One is that the stock wheel sizes for 1978 to 1983 911SC's should be 6 front 7 rear I saw in the points system that no points are given to cars with 7 and 8's

1984 to 1988 911 3.2 Carreras should have the stock wheel size as 6 front and 7 rear ,, same thing as above

The above changes reflect the stock car as delivered

add a line item in the Glazing: Windows are removed 20 points ( takes weight out of the car )

Add a line item in Fenders: Fiberglass fenders installed 30 points ( above flares added ) just flaring the fenders add weight but allow wider tires. Fiberglass fenders lighten the car

Add line in Body work: non stock Bumpers 20 points ( for people removing the stock bumpers and replacing them with fiberglass items, less weight )

The above changes reflects someone building a race car and making it lighter than we have anticipated

for #4 above please read here for more specifics
Dan Thompson
GGR DE/TT/CR Racecontrol

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