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Tire rating points

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Dan Thompson
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Tire rating points

Post by Dan Thompson » Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:02 pm

Dean, after looking at the points proposal I noticed something about the tire rating numbers and points.
0 points for street tires with over 100 wear rating
100 or 150 points for R compound tires with wear rating under 100.
What about tires that have exactly a 100 wear rating like Toyo RA1s?
Are they 0 points or what?
The wording is off.

I guess I will plan on running the RA1s...;)

Car has DOT "street" tires treadwear rating OVER 100 [ more... ] 0.00 0.00
Car has DOT "r-compound" tires treadwear rating UNDER 100 [ more... ] 100.00 150.00 :

Dan Thompson
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Post by dtfastbear » Fri Sep 09, 2005 8:21 am

Hey Dan,

Good catch! Thanks for pointing it out. This is something we noticed on the online site a while back, and changed in the [more] link there, but the change didn't make it into the proposal.

I'll forward the change to Dave and will correct the wording on the classification form online. Oddly enough, the wording on the online form isn't right, but it IS right when you click on the [more] link...

The correct wording for the second choice should be:

The car has “R Compound” tires that are DOT legal tires marked with a wear rating of 100 or less.


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