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Factory optional engine power-kits

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Factory optional engine power-kits

Post by johntavernetti » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:54 am

A question came up at the last time trial revealing legitimate confusion about how our current modification list is supposed to treat factory-optional engine power-kits. Currently there is no line-item for these kits in the modifications list. Was this intentional or an oversight? How should our point system differentiate these cars from equivalent cars lacking the optional factory power-kit?

The affected cars are as follows: 930, 964 Turbo, all 996, 996 Turbo, 997S, and 997 Turbo. The corresponding factory option codes are: X33, X88, X51 and X50. Additionally, the new 997 Turbo offers a time-limited overboost function that raises horsepower and torque as part of their “SportChrono” option. This list is likely to grow if Porsche keeps offering similar options on new cars.

Components of these factory power-kits vary from model to model, but can include high-flow intake manifolds, a different airbox, larger exhaust headers, different cams, CNC-machined heads, modified ECU programming (including higher boost limits for Turbo cars), plus additional modifications to the cooling and oiling systems. In all cases, the increase in horsepower over the regular motor seems to be at least 25hp, even though there is usually no increase in actual displacement or compression ratio.

Can someone please clarify how these engine kits are to be classified under the current rules, and perhaps consider adding a new line-item to the modification-list for 2010 (e.g. perhaps a line item for turbo power-kits and another for n/a power-kits?) so that this option is easier for members to disclose going forward?

FWIW: 2009 PCA club racing rules address these powerkits very specifically, and advance such cars up one full letter-class. See page 10, here: ... 20Book.pdf

Any input appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Factory optional engine power-kits

Post by Mike Cullinan » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:45 am

John, I will make sure Wayne our Comp director notes this

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Re: Factory optional engine power-kits

Post by Roger Haskin » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:59 am

If one were to consider the various power kits as not "stock", the existing rules already impose a considerable penalty, in some cases probably exceeding the benefit of the kit, e.g. Throttle body different to stock - 10 points, Air cleaner .. housing .. duct not stock - 5 points, engine management chip not stock - 5 points, engine has forced induction and is not stock - 50 points, engine has forced induction and the boost level is not stock - 50 points, engine has a non-stock muffler - 5 points.

That said, it would be easy to get carried away nickel-and-dimeing the various options. For example, the rules make no distinction about Targas or Cabriolets, which have a distinct weight disadvantage.
Roger Haskin

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