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First Time Rally Question

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David Leong
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First Time Rally Question

Post by David Leong » Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:41 pm

OK. entering my first rally (Coyote Run on Sat.), as I don't want to get lost trying to find the DEC meeting.

Question for all you experienced rally enthusiasts out there.

I know my speedo is not very accurate. (really officer) What do most people do about this. I sometimes use a GPS to find actual speed, but I assume GPS usage is not allowed in a rally.

Should I go out and calibrate my speedometer and carry a conversion chart of actual to indicated?

Not looking to win, just don?t want to get lost!

PS. Do I have to bring my own coyote, or are they provided?
David Leong

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Greg Adams
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Post by Greg Adams » Tue Sep 27, 2005 10:26 am


Here is a very good explanation of how to adjust for speedometer and odometer error:

It's important to know what your odometer error is, your speedometer doesn't matter as much if you're in the Beginner class. Your odometer will help you stay on course because turns that are easy to miss include the mileage from the start of the leg to that turn. Also, if you get an instruction such as "CAST 38 5.2 miles past RI #10," you'll want to adjust the 5.2 miles to what your odometer will read (5.46 if your odo is 5% higher that the rallymaster's).

For speeds, just run an indicated 5-10% faster than the assigned rally speed. 5% in areas with no stop signs that don't include pause instructions and 10% in areas where you're losing time at intersections. If you're in the beginner class and the navigator is trying to do exact calculations, you'll probably miss a turn and lose far more time than you would by ignoring your speedometer error.


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