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Need to Borrow Six Point Harness

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Jim McClelland
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Need to Borrow Six Point Harness

Post by Jim McClelland » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:38 am

I have somehow let myself become hooked into helping a group of complete novices get ready for the "24 Hours of LeMons" race next month (December 27-28) up at Thunderhill. The "Purple Lemons Racing Team" is a bunch of coaches and a couple of swimmers from the Walnut Creek Masters Swim team. The team has six drivers (Cameron is one of them). Their goal, apart from delving into something they have never done before, is to raise money for Special Olympics.

They have no clue of what they're getting into, and I have perhaps one half of a clue. You'll have to look it up yourself:

We're entering nothing less than a '69 VW Bug (first year with IRS rear end) and have this grand idea that the 2.0 motor out of the 914 will let it keep up with the Detroit Iron. We've put on 4 wheel disc brakes, it has a trans with a welded diff, adjustable front axle beam and a roll cage fabbed by a funny car builder (so yes, it looks like a dragster cage).

We are loaning the team and this car the motor, our two driving suits and two helmets. We've secured a header system (type 4 motor into a bug) at a huge discount. We've had donated the oil cooler adapter, loaned the upright cooling system (with 911 fan and alternator), and loaned the remote oil cooler. My intent was to "loan" this heap one of the race seats and a harness out of the 914, but the "LeMons" rules state that the harness must be less than 4 years old. Mine are 4.5 years old, and under PCA guidelines, I've got another 2.5 years of use in them. The folks on the team are on a budget (or at least trying to be), so if anyone has a heart for helping Special Olympics and a less than 4 year old harness, your generosity would be greatly appreciated.

I can be reached either through this forum, email at, or cell phone (925) 788-6974.

Thanks much.

The harness will be returned to you all spiffy, right about the first of the year.
2002 996

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