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Tire debate

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Tire debate

Post by Springgeyser » Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:14 pm

Looking for some input on tire choice for next season.

-911 996 (90% track/10% street)
-JIC suspension with a planned agressive track alignment.
-Currently running Toyo r888 255/295 and sometimes 275/295. The rears need to be replaced soon.

Tire choice, has to be versatile for AX and DEs. That limits my choices to these below.

-BFG R1 265/285
Pro- lightweight and probably last longer than A6 and v710s, verstaile for DE and AX. Faster than R888s.
Con- Probably slower than the v710 and a6. Have to swap wheels at the track. Limited tire sizes available.

-Toyo R888 (275/315 or 265/315)
Pro- Can drive to the event. Great grip for DEs and versatile. Last a long time.
Con- HEAVY at 26#f/30#r. Not really a AX tire at all but still somewhat competitive.

I am not interested in dedicated HoHo a6 right now since I still feel I can learn from a 'harder' rubber. v710 will suposed wear out from negative camber greater than -2.

Which of the above to choice would each of you choose and why? I am now leaneing toward the BFG R1s.
Peter Lim

996 C4. AX6

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