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Clear coat repairs

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Clear coat repairs

Post by johnfossett » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:16 pm

I am new to these forums so apologize if I have come to wrong board for this topic (if so, I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction).

I live on the Peninsula and own a 1997 Boxster and have a few spots where the clear coat has come off or has cracked severely. In general, my paint is still original and is in very good condition. I keep the car clean and give it a full polish job at least once per year. The car is an every day driver though and is unfortunately outside most of the time (covered when I can).

There are two main issues. Just behind the doors, there is a small trapezoidal shaped metal piece that tucks up next to the convertible top "flap" (the part that pivots up to allow the convertible top to tuck underneath). Both of these small trapezoidal parts (I do not think they move as a part of the convertible top mechanisms) have had the clear coat crack and peel away so I have "unprotected" paint on these two small areas.

The second issue is painful to me because may have inflicted it myself during a recent polishing with an orbital polisher. I am not an expert at this by any stretch, but have polished the car a few times without any issues. Anyway, after I was done polishing, I noticed a small section of clear coat had flaked off (approximately 5mm in diameter) in a very irregular shape. It is on the rear of the car in the apex of the "hump" over the rear wheel. So, while the area is small, it is very visible to me (not very visible if you are not aware it is there unless you get up close and look for it).

I very much would like to get these areas all repaired properly but want to be able to keep the original paint intact.

So, the question for the group is whether anyone can recommend someone who can repair these issues for me? I have heard of some folks that do "artistic" jobs like this that require some expertise and finesse. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get any specific names and had hoped someone here might have experience with something exactly like this and can recommend a proven paint repair person.

I would appreciate any advice from the group.
-John Fossett

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