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914 suspension & alignment - Bill's article

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914 suspension & alignment - Bill's article

Post by larrym » Tue Jun 02, 2009 1:14 pm

Bill's article was very timely & useful!

- now here's MY problem: hard steering 914-6

the car steers (firmly) (hard) compare to other 914's & 6's & even to my '76 911,

and it can't be aligned to less than (-) -1.9 camber nor more than 5.0 caster, even after recently installing Tarett uppers swapped left to right

The car has a 911SC front crossmember and lower arms since 1993; Ken Mack did the original competition aligment then & opined "this car has some kind of trick front struts"

- that was OK when I wanted it as only a race car - now I'm trying to get it to street/AX specs & get better tire wear;

the car should be "light & twitchy" with only 5 caster, but it is stable as a rock

the spindles are unknown "early-S" (or ???) installed in Germany in 1971 when the car was built to FIA m-471 specs competition; (car originally imported to the USA with the aluminum calipers in 1976)

the experts say you can swap in a 911 front end, so that suggests it ain't the crossmember or control arms causing the alignment problem

- this causes me to suspect the spindles are some rare gizmos that have more negative camber - the FIA GT's used 908 brakes as I recall, and probably some other rare parts as well

car info at:

Anybody got any ideas ???? - or maybe a set of '70-'77 911 spindles for sell? :?:

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Re: 914 suspension & alignment - Bill's article

Post by Grant K » Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:07 am

To get more camber up front you need to grind the tub or have camber boxes welded in. When you say hard turning do you mean it takes more effort on steering wheel or it is understeering? Most of us budget 914 guys just grind the tub but your car sounds too nice to take that approach. Bias plys never needed much camber. The new generation Hoosier DOT R's want -3 up front.

What tires and size tires are you running? What are all of your current alignment specs?

If its a steering effort issue are all the ujoints in the car and other pieces of steering rack in good working order?

There is a power steering unit that Smart Racing sells for big $$$. Would love to see a 914 with that unit installed!
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